Making Your Next Career Move

Whether you're out of work, worried about downsizing, or simply looking for the next step along your career path, a mid-career job change is a serious move that merits careful consideration.

In this webinar, presented on May 13, 2015, John Merrill shares strategies for organizing your job search, tips for marketing yourself, and insights on what prospective employers are really thinking when they look at your resume. (Hint: You won't like it.)

Many people's greatest worry is providing for themselves and their families. The purpose of this webinar is to give you tools to face your fears and successfully develop your career. This presentation will help you understand how the employment process works so that when you are faced with the challenge of finding your next job, you will know from others' experiences what steps you can take to win the battle.


John Merrill is the president of Backstage Library Works, where he employs more than 100 people, including 21 librarians. As a manager in the library industry for 24 years and a business owner since 1998, John has hired hundreds of employees (and fired a few). He has been on the receiving end of a pink slip four times.

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