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Inventory Plus at the University of Virginia's Alderman Library

When the University of Virginia started making plans to renovate the historic Alderman Library, it quickly became apparent that an accounting of what is actually in the library's collections would be an essential part of the process.

In this webinar, recorded May 16, 2018, John Reese, vice president of on-site services, and Jacob Bastian, the on-site project manager, walk us through how library staff prepared and prioritized, then worked with the vendor's on-site and off-site teams to accomplish much more than a simple book count.

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Correction: In the webinar, the presenters speak of the plan to move the library's collections to a high-density storage facility. To clarify, a browsing collection of approximately 500,000 items from Alderman Library will remain in open stacks during the renovation and will be housed in neighboring Clemons Library. The remaining items will be placed in storage.


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