Basefile, Remaster, and Ongoing Services

A Brief Overview of Authority Work at Backstage

Casey Cheney, vice president of automation services, introduces the range of authority control work that Backstage offers to libraries. She provides an overview of retrospective authority projects, highlighting the difference between a bibliographic basefile process and an authority file remaster. Then she covers ongoing authority services, explaining updates, current cataloging, and notification services. Her presentation also touches briefly on cleanup and data enrichment options that can be included as part of a library's authority work.


Explore our authority control wiki for detailed explanations of our processing options for your catalog. If you'd like to tinker with the profile or run a sample batch to see how an automated authority control process handles your records, we'd be happy to set up a test login for you. Call us at 1-800-288-1265 or send us a note.

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