Newton's Third Law

An Action-and-Reaction Approach to Setting Linked Data in Motion

Early adopters of linked open data have already started transforming their catalogs. The experimental nature of these transformations lends itself to an iterative approach. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

As a data processing partner, Backstage has worked with a number of libraries to enrich bibliographic and authority records with URIs. Each action-and-reaction cycle has brought its own set of challenges. We have learned, we have revised, and we have struggled in some areas.

In this webinar, Casey Cheney, vice president of automation services for Backstage, shares some of our experiences in partnering with libraries for URI enrichment. She shows examples of what URI-enriched data can look like, discusses lessons learned as a vendor, and offers next steps to consider.

A significant portion of this intermediate-level presentation involves examples of URI enrichment. Basic familiarity with MARC and with core concepts of linked data may be helpful.


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