A Positive Approach to Digitizing Negatives

(And Other Transmissive Film Formats)

Photographic transparencies range from individual frames to short strips to reels of 100 feet and longer. The glass plates of the 19th century gave way to plastic films in the 20th century. Dimensions became more standardized, and the stability and longevity of film bases improved. Still, a film collection spanning even a few years may include several different formats.

Digitizing a photographic collection poses different challenges and requires different decisions than a collection of manuscripts or newspapers. So, where do you start?

In this webinar, recorded August 30, 2017, Backstage's Alicia Sell guides you through a range of film formats and offers suggestions on what you need to consider to get the best results when digitizing your negatives and transmissive materials.

Alicia is joined in the discussion by team members Andreas Otto and Mike Cabreza, who lend their expertise on digitization and photographic technologies.


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