Go with the Flow

Charting a Vendor's Metadata Workflows

As a librarian, you want to know what's happening with your metadata. You like to be in control. So you adopt standards, create policies, and foster a culture of local metadata practices.

Sometimes, when you send metadata work to a vendor, it can feel like you're losing control of that data. What's going to happen to your records while they're away from home?

We'd like to show you.

In this webinar, Nicole Arbuckle offers some transparency on Backstage processes for MARC records and non-MARC data. She showcases workflows with examples from cataloging, reclassification, and TEI markup projects.


What metadata workflows are stalled at your library? Is it time to tackle a reclassification venture? Could some help from outside break through a processing logjam in your new acquisitions? Are special collections languishing without finding aids? Do your digital images need better metadata?

That's why we're here. Call us at 1-800-288-1265 or drop us a note.

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