Project Management in Practice in Libraries

Controlled Digital Lending:
Rapid and Convenient Results Made Simple

Authority Control in the Public Library
Authority Control in the Academic Library
Authority Control in Archives and Special Collections

Authority Control: Consistency Among the Changes

From Paper To Film: Microfilming and USNP at UIUC

Documenting Contemporary Regional History: The Utah COVID-19 Digital Collection

Quality Management in Digitalization: Examining Workflows with ISO 9001

Launching a Successful Digital Archives Initiative

Cataloging Zines: Discovery for Micro-Publications and Niche Collections

DIY Catalog Maintenance and Authority Control: Tips, Tricks, and Ideas for Tuning Up Your Catalog In-House

Optimizing Catalog Metadata: Ensuring Discovery and Access in Our Libraries

Digitization, Metadata, and Content: Partnering to Build Your Digital Collections

Automation in Discovery: Authority Control and Beyond

Implementing RFID Without Turning Your Library Upside Down

Backstage Tour: Digitization Studio




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