Backstage at Senate House Library meeting in London: The Future of Metadata – An Action Plan Discussion

On Wednesday, May 22, 2019, Elina Mitsova, Account Representative for Backstage Library Works in Europe, will be participating in a special event held at the Senate House Library at the University of London.  “The Future of Metadata – An Action Plan Discussion” will be led by representatives from academic libraries, all of which are active participants in the Community Data Group that formed in response to the Jisc-led National Bibliographic Knowledgebase (NBK).

This event is by-invitation only and brings together a wide range of key stakeholders to create an action agenda to clarify the demand, optimise the supply, and enhance the quality of metadata for print and electronic published resources.

Backstage will articulate its view on the current state of metadata supply and demand from its own position in the field.  The goal of the meeting will be to work towards agreement on a set of principles around the supply and use of bibliographic data.   The event will include an agenda to identify where efficiencies may be introduced into library and other workflows, with particular reference to where and how the NBK might facilitate more effective data sharing and reuse.

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