Backstage issues TWO genre related announcements

PROVO, Utah, October 15, 2018 –– With the release of the OLAC Video Game Genre Vocabulary this month, Backstage Library Works ( is happy to announce that they have now incorporated the vocabulary into their authority matching process.

Backstage has also now created a processing rule that will convert GSAFD (Guidelines on Subject Access to Individual Works of Fiction, Drama, Etc.) genre terms to LCGFT (The Library of Congress Genre/Form Terms for Library and Archival Materials) prior to any authority matching. This is not a global setting and must be specifically requested.

Any institutions that currently have settings to match existing GSAFD terms against the LCGFT authority records will want to consider this conversion. By using this conversion, you’ll have a much higher match rate for your former GSAFD terms.

There are some terms that do not have an LCGFT equivalent and others that may have more than one equivalent; these will be written out to special reports (R44 and R45).

Casey Cheney, Vice President of Automated Services at Backstage states:

“To have the ability to search for an item by genre is absolutely invaluable to patrons!

“When an opportunity arises to either add to or tweak our current Genre offerings, we’re more than willing to take that step. With the help of our outstanding programming team, we’re usually able to make these adjustments quickly thus allowing our libraries to begin improving the experience for their users.”

Backstage authority control clients can begin using either, or both, of these processing options at no additional charge by contacting their project manager or account representative

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