WiLS member libraries to receive discount on Backstage services

PROVO, Utah, December 11, 2015 –– Wisconsin Library Services (WiLS) and Backstage Library Works have combined forces to provide WiLS member libraries a special discount on Backstage services. These services may include the following:

  • Digitization
  • Metadata creation
  • Cataloging
  • OCR
  • Text markup and transcription services
  • Authority control
  • Record de-duplication
  • Custom programming
  • Database conversion
  • Database upgrade
  • ILS database migration
  • Marcadia
  • On-site digitization
  • Physical reclassification
  • RFID tagging
  • Physical processing
  • Microfilming
  • Microfilm duplication
  • Microfilm storage
  • Reclassification
  • Retrospective conversion.

Backstage’s dedication to providing exceptional customer service while delivering customized, high-quality services is a good match for WiLS. The new agreement will help member libraries to continue to increase discoverability in their catalogs, and update catalog records to new RDA standards.

Jeff Calcagno, vice president of sales and customer support for Backstage states:

“Backstage is pleased to partner with WiLS to provide library services to their members. It is an honor for Backstage to have the opportunity to advance the purpose and mission of libraries in Wisconsin with our high-quality services. We will work hard to meet WiLS members’ expectations.”

WiLS member libraries may contact Backstage directly and mention their WiLS affiliation to receive the discount. Members can visit www.bslw.com/partners/wils, call 1.800.288.1265, or email info@bslw.com to connect with a Backstage representative.

Stef Morrill, director for Wisconsin Library Services relays:

“Our members brought Backstage to our attention as a potential partner for quality authority control and other services. We’re very glad to have this new agreement with Backstage so our members can receive a discount while receiving great services.”

About WiLS

WiLS is a non-profit membership organization that facilitates collaborative projects and services to save their members time and money and to advance library service, primarily in the state of Wisconsin. Most of their members are libraries, but they also work with cultural institutions, government agencies, and other non-profits to develop partnerships and projects.

The WiLS history page has far more than you’ll need:

A link to Backstage can also be found on the website:

About Backstage Library Works

Backstage’s objective is to provide the most technologically advanced and efficient means for delivering professional library services. With over 25 years of experience, the company is known for its expertise in handling complex and unique projects. Backstage specializes in solutions for cataloging, authority control, digitization, preservation microfilm, and on-site needs. In providing services to more than a thousand libraries, large and small, public and private, and in locations across the globe, Backstage has cultivated an understanding of libraries, their mission, their operations, and the challenges they face. Backstage offices are located in Provo, Utah, and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.


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