Phoenix Public Library partners with Backstage for cataloging and shelf ready processing

PROVO, Utah, June 10, 2013 — Phoenix Public Library (Phoenix, Ariz.) has chosen Backstage Library Works to provide cataloging and processing services for select non‑English-language materials. The agreement allows the library to receive these books fully labeled, complete with catalog records, and ready to go directly onto library shelves.

Phoenix Public Library’s Technical Services Manager, Hana Kapic explains,

“This process directly saves the library money. Rather than trying to staff internally for these languages, at very high rates, we can continue to work with Backstage catalogers on an as-needed basis.

“Backstage gives us personal attention and great customer service. We are pleased with the level of communication and the caliber of staff Backstage employs to catalog our items. They understand our need for quality, security and efficiency when working with our materials and bibliographic records.”

Backstage’s Vice President of Bibliographic Services, Casey Cheney confirms:

“Recently we have been seeing a trend of libraries needing to find a way to have items cataloged and processed quickly so when the item arrives at the library, staff can immediately place it on the shelf. Many libraries do not have the capability to appropriately handle the foreign language items so they end up creating a backlog of materials to be done sometime later. Libraries can find a solution in Backstage by having materials sent directly to us from the publisher/distributor for cataloging and processing. They receive material ready to be placed on the shelf with little work needed from library staff.”

Materials for Phoenix Public Library will be cataloged by Backstage’s language specialist professional catalogers, either from relevant digital images or directly from the material at hand. Then, at Backstage’s Provo, Utah, offices, items will be processed to the library’s specifications, with the application of spine labels, barcodes, RFID tags, security devices, book jackets, and property stamps.

About Phoenix Public Library

Phoenix Public Library is a system of 16 branch libraries and the Burton Barr Central Library.  The development of the Library began when citizens started raising funds in 1897, and in 1904, industrialist Andrew Carnegie made a donation for a library building on Washington Street near the state capital.  Phoenix saw significant growth in the years following World War II and new branches were added citywide.  In 1953, the Carnegie Library was replaced with a Central Library.  The Carnegie building is currently serving as a museum, archives and research center operated by the State of Arizona.  Continued expansion brought forth the Burton Barr Central Library in 1995, Phoenix’ current main library.  Between July 1, 2011 and June 30, 2012, more than 4.6 million people visited Burton Barr Central Library and 16 branch locations.  They checked out more than 14.4 million books, DVDs and CDs.

About Backstage Library Works

Backstage’s objective is to provide the most technologically advanced and efficient means for delivering professional library services. With over 25 years of experience, the company is known for its expertise in handling complex and unique projects. Backstage specializes in solutions for cataloging, authority control, digitization, preservation microfilm, and on-site needs. In providing services to more than a thousand libraries, large and small, public and private, and in locations across the globe, Backstage has cultivated an understanding of libraries, their mission, their operations, and the challenges they face. Backstage offices are located in Provo, Utah, and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.


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