An Introduction to METS/ALTO For Your Digitized Collections

METS and ALTO – popularly, METS/ALTO – are terms that are thrown around when you start talking about digitizing and hosting your collections. Not all digital asset management programs, or DAMs, require METS or ALTO files, but a handful do (Veridian being a notable example), and if you’re considering article level segmentation, or ALS, then […]

Preservation and Access, the Married Conversation

Think to that rare local newspaper collection you have sitting in your library. Due to inexpensive manufacturing techniques, these papers were not built to last, and with every use, they become more worn. Yet, patrons for years to come will still want access to this invaluable material. It’s time to come up with a solution, […]

Backstage supports Controlled Digital Lending and Distance Learning

The impact of COVID-19 has caused many students and researchers to rely on distanced learning. How do you make materials available in an distanced environment when, frequently, in-person access is no longer reliable or even possible? To help with this issue, Backstage Library Works is now offering a new digitization on-demand service to support a […]