Database Cleanup at Carleton & St. Olaf Colleges


The Bridge Consortium
Northfield, Minnesota

With an interest in updating and maintaining their joint catalog, Carleton and St. Olaf Colleges
requested proposals for an automated authority control solution. Consortium staff compared
Backstage services with other vendors and were pleased with Backstage's responses and
level of customization.

"Backstage worked very hard to make sure all our questions were answered. We have been particularly impressed with the amount of customization Backstage has provided for our records as well as the scope and depth of the ongoing reports that they offer."

Sarah Beth Weeks
Head of Technical Services
St. Olaf College Libraries

"We have been pleased with the ongoing responsiveness of Backstage to our follow-up questions and requests. I would recommend Backstage to other libraries seeking similar services."

Carol Eyler
Head of Technical Services
Carleton College Library


The consortium's challenges prior to contacting Backstage:

  • Catalog contained nearly 2 million bibliographic records and
    1 million authority records with a mix of both AACR2 and RDA
  • Needed authority updates for 150,000 new records each year.
  • Had to perform authority work in-house on bibliographic records
    for physical materials.
  • Authority records for new headings needed to be loaded individually.


The consortium uses Backstage services to:

  • Validate and correct MARC records to match bibliographic headings
    against the Library of Congress databases.
  • Update name and subject headings, as well as series and uniform
    title headings.
  • Upgrade and enrich AACR2 and other non-RDA bibliographic
    records to meet RDA standards.
  • Add new authority records to catalog that match headings in new
    bibliographic records.
  • Deliver updated authorities with changes from Library of Congress.
  • Separate out language codes in 041 fields into their own subfields.
  • Match GSAFD headings against LCGFT (two genre files that are
    ordinarily treated separately from one another).
  • Customize RDA enrichment to match local practices.
  • Create alerts and update bibliographic records when authority
    records are modified, replaced or deleted.
  • Subscribe to daily new bibliographic record processing and monthly
    authority control notification services.


The consortium is seeing the following results:

  • Creation of consistent formatting and updated catalog.
  • Elimination of manual, time-consuming, cumbersome processes.
  • Display of correct headings when patrons perform searches.
  • Proper see-references on headings as a result of daily authority
    control updates for new bibliographic records.
  • Future discovery capabilities based on consistent RDA fields and
    data, next-day heading accuracy, and streamlined workflow.

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