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POSITION TITLE: Library Reclassification Technician

DIRECT SUPERVISOR: Team Leader & Project Manager

SALARY: $19.00 per hour

POSITION STATUS: Open until filled

Job Description

As a library reclassification technician, you will work alongside a project team to complete tasks towards the goal of physically reclassifying the collections of four Deschutes Public Library branches. Duties include pulling books from shelves, accurately applying new classification labels to those books, arranging them according to Wayfinder shelf-list guidelines, shelving them, and occasionally shifting books across sections of shelving. This must be completed while maintaining strict productivity goals and passing quality control testing to ensure all work is completed accurately and on schedule.

Each day the library reclassification technician will be assigned to work on labeling, shelving, or shifting an assigned group of books. When labeling, you will identify each book’s new category and call number labels from sheets of pre-printed labels by matching data points printed on the label sheets and scanning their associated barcodes. After identifying the correct labels, they will then be applied to the book over top their current label. When shelving, you will arrange a book truck of newly labeled books into Wayfinder shelf-list order and shelve them either in their new final location or in temporary swing space as directed by their team leader and/or the project manager.

This is a temporary full-time position (40 hours per week). Part-time positions (20 hours per week) may be considered. This is a first shift, Monday – Friday position. Full-time shifts include one 30-minute unpaid lunch break and two 15-minute paid breaks. Part-time breaks depend on individual schedules. Full-time employee benefits include accrued paid time off, holiday pay, health, dental, & vision insurance, and 401k matching (some benefits require a two-month probationary period before being offered). Employees in this position must be able to stand for long periods of time and will need to lift, push, pull, and bend over to pick up books and book trucks sometimes exceeding 100 pounds. The project is estimated to be completed by the end of April 2023.

Primary Responsibilities

Required Qualifications & Skills

Preferred Additional Qualifications & Skills

A background check and drug screening will be a mandatory part of the hiring process.

To help stem the spread of Covid-19, all Backstage employees are required to comply with all Covid-19 prevention policies set by individual libraries which may include always wearing a face mask during working hours, regularly washing/sanitizing your hands, and maintaining social distancing when possible.

If you are interested in this position, please send a cover letter and resume/CV to Matt Roveto, Project Manager at moc.wlsb@otevorm.

Please DO NOT contact Deschutes Public Library or any of their branch libraries directly regarding this position.