The Impact of Inclusivity in the Library Catalog

Your library can send powerful messages about how you value readers as individuals, especially if your collection acknowledges and respects the diversity of your local community. In 2019, the documentary Change the Subject shared the story of a group of Dartmouth students who challenged anti-immigrant language in the Library of Congress catalog subject headings. Library […]

Microfilm Storage with Backstage Library Works

Microfilm Storage at Backstage Library Works in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

You’ve created archival microfilm from your original source materials. Your microfilm collection is a valuable asset to your researchers. Once properly created and processed, microforms require very little active preservation beyond storage, careful handling, and occasional surveying to evaluate condition. Keeping master reels safe and accessible is a key element of your collection management strategy. […]

Questions to ask when selecting a vendor partner

choosing a vendor partner

In the current climate, working to complete everything from daily tasks to special projects is more difficult than ever before. You may be working remotely and unsure of when you will get access to your physical collections. You may also have realized your records are not as complete as you would like and that’s creating […]