2022 Reading Challenges to Keep You Inspired

Enjoy the last of three interest papers this month, this one focusing on popular reading challenges for 2022. These challenges are great motivators to get people reading and they can create a sense of community amongst readers working towards a common goal. We also take some time to shout-out ways our local libraries work hard […]

Jolabokaflod, A Holiday Celebration for the Book Lovers

“Thanks to the Jolabokaflod, books still matter in Iceland; they get read and talked about. Excitement fills the air. Every reading is crowded; every print run is sold.” – Hallgrimur Helgason Leaving cookies out for Santa, picking out the perfect tree, and Elf on a Shelf are all beloved holiday traditions we’re familiar with here […]

A Simple Guide to Weeding your Library

Weeding, or deaccessioning, is the process of permanently removing an item from a library’s collection. A careful weeding plan is an integral part of keeping our libraries trusted sources of current information and library professionals work hard to curate their collections. Weeding policies are frequently tailored to the separate needs of public, academic, and school […]

Preservation and Access, the Married Conversation

Think to that rare local newspaper collection you have sitting in your library. Due to inexpensive manufacturing techniques, these papers were not built to last, and with every use, they become more worn. Yet, patrons for years to come will still want access to this invaluable material. It’s time to come up with a solution, […]