How To Make Cataloging Surrogates, Why They Can Help

Photographing digital “facsimiles” of materials – or as we colloquially say at Backstage, “surrogates” – can be a useful workflow for a variety of situations faced in the technical library setting. The process varies, but the goal is to have a technician create brief scans of books, maps, and other materials in order to enable […]

An Introduction to METS/ALTO For Your Digitized Collections

METS and ALTO – popularly, METS/ALTO – are terms that are thrown around when you start talking about digitizing and hosting your collections. Not all digital asset management programs, or DAMs, require METS or ALTO files, but a handful do (Veridian being a notable example), and if you’re considering article level segmentation, or ALS, then […]

Backstage Signs with Califa Group to Become Preferred Vendor

At the start of July, Backstage Library Works signed an agreement with Califa Group to offer its services at a discounted rate with Califa’s network of over 230 libraries in California. We’re excited to begin new projects with these partners, to bring value with our expertise and, more importantly, develop new relationships. Califa Group, which […]

Product Spotlight: LC-CAP/COOP Made Simple, Tailored to Your Library’s Needs

“The LC-Coop workflow we’ve created: it works very well, and it’s well organized. We’ve come up with helpsheets for the project to make cataloging even easier and more accurate. Overall, it’s a smooth process from start to finish.” – Heather Dukes, Metadata Project Manager We’ve written about Backstage’s LC Coop service in the past. Recently, […]

Webinar Debrief: Consistency Among the Changes

The webinar “Consistency Among the Changes” is now available to watch, re-watch, and share. Any librarian will tell you that subject headings are more than just descriptive terms in library metadata. Patrons rely on precise access points that will efficiently search for and recover the materials they’re looking for, and in the last few years, […]

Product Spotlight: Newspaper Microfilming With the Experts

“Working with Backstage to preserve the valuable history of our community has been a great experience. The quick turnaround, level of quality, and customer service is unmatched.”–Louise Doll, Vice President, Perkasie Historical Society In 2019, Backstage Library Works wrapped up a year and a half long project with the Perkasie Historical Society to microfilm 89,217 […]