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High-quality services that preserve, organize, describe and connect you to the world’s knowledge

Backstage Library Works partners with libraries, museums, and archives like yours to help you serve your communities. We’re dedicated to providing you the best experience possible so you can focus on doing the same for your patrons.

Backstage gets the job done, frees you from your backlog, and enables you to operate more efficiently. We leverage powerful technology and deep expertise to make your metadata more useful and your paper, microfilm, and digital collections more accessible.



Real Support, Real People, Real Service

At Backstage, we have one objective: to help you accomplish your goals. Whether you are a large institution or have a small private collection, our services are customized every time to fit your unique needs.

What we do



With our efficient workflows honed over the course of decades, Backstage offers a unique combination of automated and hands-on metadata services. 


With linked data a growing part of the metadata landscape, you want an authority control vendor who is on the forefront of advances in identities management. 


Ready to digitize with a partner you can trust? We can give your irreplaceable materials the care they deserve.


With our own darkroom and lab, Backstage does not outsource film processing or duplication. This allows us to monitor and control the entire process from start to finish, maintaining the highest level of quality in the microfilm we produce.

On-Site Services

Our on-site teams have scanned, microfilmed, cataloged, reclassified, sorted, shelved, and moved library collections. While we’re on site, we can help with weeding, cleaning, inventory and more.

Personal Attention

We treat each client as an individual and cater our services to their needs, whatever that may be. Contact us and find out how we can help you achieve your goals of cataloging or digitizing your collection.

Why Use Backstage?


Backstage has focused on serving the needs of libraries, museums, and archives for more than 30 years. Many of our employees—from management to camera technicians and catalogers—have dedicated their entire careers to working with institutions like yours.

Start to Finish

We assist you in designing a complete project solution, enhancing your capabilities with technology and expertise in imaging, metadata, and physical processing to help you every step of the way.

An Eye to the Future

Technology advances. Standards and best practices evolve. Patron needs change. Priorities shift. You can't stand still, and neither can we. Backstage is always interested in exploring new ways of serving our partner institutions. Let's build something new together.

Serving Library Networks Large and Small

Network Partnerships

Contact us to learn more about how you can benefit from working with our partners.

What's Next?


This webinar is now available to watch and share, and Casey has drafted an excellent FAQ on the topic of decolonizing your local authority file...

Digital_overhead_pic 2021

How do you make materials available in an distanced environment when, frequently, in-person access is no longer reliable or even possible? ...


Watch a video clip or webinar recording. Topics cover a range of subjects, presented by Backstage staff, partners, and guest speakers.

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