Americans Trust Their Libraries as a Source of Reliable Information

Pew Research Center - logoIn a cultural moment that rings with cries of “fake news” and warnings that the Internet and social media can lead us into biased echo chambers, the Pew Research Center reports that a majority of Americans feel that public libraries help them find trustworthy and reliable information, learn new things, and make informed decisions.

Pew Research Center - chart

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RDA Enrichment: 34X Fields Now Available!

After many months of conversation, internal testing, plus one substantial live run, we are thrilled to announce that Backstage is now able to add 34X fields to your bibliographic records as part of your automated RDA enrichment processing.

Under RDA, the 34X fields provide a place for characteristics of an item’s format and presentation, allowing details that go beyond the prescribed range of CMC terms in the 33X fields. These descriptors are often already present in the MARC record, but they are scattered across a range of fields and subfields. Placing this information into 34X fields can make the data more accessible to emerging discovery tools, opening new avenues for faceted search and linked data.

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