Metadata Standards Committee Releases Results of 2017 Survey

During the fall of 2017, the ALCTS/LITA Metadata Standards Committee (MSC) sent out a survey with questions about metadata standards in order to develop a dialog about the committee’s Principles for Evaluating Metadata Standards and the metadata standards landscape in general.

metaware-buzz-380x240The goals of the outreach were to create connections between metadata-focused organizations and to gain an understanding of the metadata landscape. This wide-angle view of metadata practices in cultural institutions focused on standards adoption and development as well as on trends across institutions.

Backstage Library Works participated in the survey. An article reviewing some of the results has now been published.

The analysis, published recently on the committee’s website,, focuses on the metadata service providers that participated in the survey. While these companies offer options in new formats, the majority of their clients are still primarily working with MARC. As would be expected, these vendors pay close attention to the Library of Congress and the Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) when interpreting standards. They also are focused on helping libraries move from AACR2 to the newer Resource Description and Access (RDA) standards, as well as keeping up with the latest developments in BIBFRAME..

You can read the full article on the Metaware site:


Data content for this post comes from Metaware:

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