RDA Enrichment: 34X Fields Now Available!

After many months of conversation, internal testing, plus one substantial live run, we are thrilled to announce that Backstage is now able to add 34X fields to your bibliographic records as part of your automated RDA enrichment processing.

Under RDA, the 34X fields provide a place for characteristics of an item’s format and presentation, allowing details that go beyond the prescribed range of CMC terms in the 33X fields. These descriptors are often already present in the MARC record, but they are scattered across a range of fields and subfields. Placing this information into 34X fields can make the data more accessible to emerging discovery tools, opening new avenues for faceted search and linked data.

To err on the side of caution, the option for 34X field enrichment in your Backstage RDA profile is turned off by default. We add the new 34X fields only when you specifically request these changes.

For more information about how each field is added, where we identify the data from which to create the new fields, and what the limitations are, you can peruse the entry in our automation Wiki:


The Backstage automation team has prepared some before-and-after images of records, for demonstration:


RDA with 34X fields being added to sample record, Example 1 (Click to view larger image.)



RDA with 34X fields being added to sample record, Example 2 (Click to view larger image.)



RDA with 34X fields being added to sample record, Example 3 (Click to view larger image.)

The addition of 34X fields is available at no extra charge when your bibliographic records are being processed for authority control or RDA enrichment. Simply select the fields you want Backstage to add before we process your files.

If you are already a Backstage authority control client, your online profile now has an option to select which of the 34X fields you’d like to implement. (See RDA Profile, section 4-8.) Feel free to make these changes to your profile, but please also alert your project manager to these changes.


RDA Profile section 4-8

If you have questions about the new 34X fields, please contact Casey Cheney, vice president of automation services, or reach out directly to your Backstage representative or project manager.

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