Shelf-Ready Physical Processing

Do holes in your acquisitions process keep you from getting materials into the hands of a waiting patron as quickly as you'd like?

No more waiting for shelf-ready materials...Do you purchase books from independent publishers, who provide little or no metadata?

Do materials arrive from specialty distributors without the shelf-ready preparation you rely on?

Do you have publications so hot-off-the-press that you can't find a good copy record?

Do you receive books in languages and scripts that your library doesn't have the linguistic expertise to catalog?

No More Waiting for Shelf-Ready Materials

Backstage shelf-ready services can help bridge the gaps in your acquisitions workflow.

  • Full-service cataloging. From copy and original cataloging to automated solutions for enriching brief records, we have an efficient solution to connect your new item to a MARC record, playing by your rules — AACR2 or RDA — and in nearly any language or script.
  • Physical processing. From jacket covers and labels, to security strips, property stamps, and anything else you need to make an item ready to circulate, we can match your local guidelines to prepare books and media to go straight from the box to the shelf.
  • Drop-shipped workflows. We'll work with you to coordinate shipping from your suppliers to our shop for cataloging and physical processing, then on to you, cutting steps and saving time.
  • Support for backlogs, donated materials, and ongoing acquisitions.

Ready to start exploring solutions to the gaps in your acquisitions process?
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