Publisher Metadata

Do you know what kind of metadata librarians want your books to have?

Library of Congress CIP, distributor cataloging, and ONIX conversion all produce metadata that librarians refer to as brief records. A brief record will get your book onto a shelf and listed in a library’s catalog. But then you’re engaged in a game of hide and seek with potential readers.

Will the metadata in your record lead readers to your book?

If a patron is looking for your author, or has heard of your title (and can remember it), then your book may find a reader. But if your catalog record goes beyond title, author, and publication data, your book will be found by a wider audience.

Naturally, books that are found are much more likely to be checked out and read. Books that circulate more will factor into future purchasing decisions for the library. And don’t forget that library readers are book buyers, too.

Access Points

Anything in your record that a search term can be matched up with is an access point. If your record contains more relevant access points, your book will turn up in more search results.

For example, although your brief record may contain a BISAC classification, subject analysis in a library involves more than where to place a book on the shelf. A catalog record can contain many subject headings. And each one is an access point for a search to discover your book.

If your publication has more than one contributor, anthologizes the work of multiple authors, includes input from illustrators or photographers, or references another author's work — by way of review, criticism, or analysis — a proper catalog record might include several relevant names.

In a library catalog, these subjects and names are matched against master files maintained by the Library of Congress to cross-reference the access points in your record against synonyms and pseudonyms, creating an even broader web of access points.

Publisher Metadata Services

Backstage Library Works has been creating and managing catalog records for libraries and publishers for more than 25 years. We’ve worked with publishers large and small, distributors who specialize in a particular format, and overseas publishers looking for a foothold in the U.S. market.

We can work with you to create original records directly from your materials or enhance your existing metadata. And we can help you identify the right channels to get your records to the library community.

Are you ready to take ownership of your metadata? Let's talk. Call us at 1-800-288-1265 or drop us a note.