Reclassifying a Library is Like Eating an Elephant

Converting a library's collections to a new classification system can be an overwhelming project.

First, you need to have a new call number for every volume in your collection. Once that data is squared away — no small feat — you need to place a new label on every item in the library, and the collection has to be shuffled and shifted into the new shelving order.

It's no wonder reclassification plans can languish for years.

In this webinar, recorded April 8, 2015, John Reese and Thomas Forsythe explain how Backstage divides the on-site, physical process of reclassification into bite-sized tasks, sharing anecdotes and insights from Backstage projects in reclassifying, relabeling, and shifting millions of volumes.



Suggestions for approaching reclassification are all over the map. The processes we prefer may or may not be a perfect fit for your library. But we're happy to walk through some scenarios with you.

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