Climate-Controlled Microfilm Storage

Our Preservation Services facility in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, provides secure and environmentally-optimized storage in a custom-designed microfilm vault.

The Backstage vault occupies a unique niche, because we focus on storing print-master reels, so that our clients have ready access to this film when they need a new service copy or need to make a copy available to another institution or an individual researcher. No other facility in the United States is uniquely dedicated to storing print-master microfilm.

Storing the print master separately from the original negatives adds a level of protection by geographically separating the first- and second-generation master reels. Having the print masters all in one place, with ready access to high-quality duplication services, has also proven to be immensely convenient for our clients.

The environmentally-controlled vault maintains a temperature of 65° F and a relative humidity of 35 percent. The vault is also equipped with a HEPA air filtration system and a pre-active dry-pipe sprinkler fire suppression system. We currently store over 140,000 reels of film and 38,000 microfiche for nearly 100 clients.

To find out more about using this secure facility to store your microfilm, call us at 1-800-288-1265 of drop us a note.