Duplication Services

Microfilm duplication is a critical piece of any preservation program, especially for collections of cellulose acetate base microfilm, which is known to be highly susceptible to deterioration.

Our film duplication services, based on recommended preservation guidelines, include the creation of preservation duplicates on silver gelatin polyester base film from acetate base archival masters or print masters. Service copies are also produced on polyester base film.

Acetate Films

Cellulose acetate base microfilm, which was used for library applications from the 1920s to the 1970s, is highly susceptible to chemical deterioration — commonly known as vinegar syndrome — especially when stored improperly. To preserve your acetate microfilm, we can duplicate it onto polyester base film, treat the new film with polysulfide solution, and store duplicates in recommended environmental conditions to extend their life. Polyester base film has an independently certified life expectancy of 500 years when properly created and stored. We can also inspect stored microfilm on-location and write analyses of deterioration and storage conditions.

Polysulfide Treatment

We treat silver microfilms using SilverLock®, the polysulfide solution originally developed by the Image Permanence Institute (IPI), and which we now produce ourselves, adhering to the standards established at IPI. While SilverLock cannot repair film already damaged by oxidative attack, it inoculates silver films against future attack. Polysulfide treatment is available for all high-contrast and continuous-tone microfilm.


With permission of the owning institution, Backstage can duplicate copies of microfilm and microfiche sent to us or stored in our print-master vault. We can fulfill requests for additional copies and for interlibrary loan from stored or shipped print masters, sending the duplicated film either to the owning institution or directly to the patron. All of our microfilming, processing, inspection, duplication, packaging, and storage practices strictly adhere to preservation guidelines.

Do your old acetate films need to be duplicated? Can we help with your other duplication needs? To find out more or to request a price quote for your project, call us at 1-800-288-1265 or drop us a note.