Dial M for Marcadia Marcadia® Automated Copy Cataloging

Cataloging backlog? Staff shortage? Need to get new items into your catalog and onto the shelf faster?

Backstage Library Works and OCLC® WorldCat® are pleased to present Marcadia automated copy cataloging.

Marcadia filters, sorts, and retrieves MARC records from WorldCat, using the criteria that you specify to match your brief records to full WorldCat records with proven accuracy. Our FTP utility transmits rapid response files, usually in 72 hours or less. We provide high-quality WorldCat records in a variety of output formats.

To explore how Marcadia can streamline your cataloging workflow, call us at 1-800-288-1265 or drop us a note. Ask about a free sample run using your files, so you can see for yourself what Marcadia can do.