Our Digital Process


Upon arrival at our facility it is our routine with all incoming projects that the receiving clerk will carefully unpack and verify the inventory of the shipment against the client Library’s packing list.
E-mail verification is sent for all incoming material.


Arrival & return of all material is tracked in our custom-designed database. In addition all work performed along with who & when is tracked throughout the life cycle of the project.



Your material is assigned a specific location in our secure storage area for the duration of the time it is here. A acid free paper flag with a bar code, which identifies your institution, project id & location will stay with the item until it is shipped back to you.


Materials waiting to be sent to the scanner are kept in our secure & environmentally controlled storage, as are materials waiting to
be returned to clients.

Equipment Calibration − FADGI COMPLIANT


Prior to each digital capture session, equipment is benchmarked for image quality using the GoldenThread system [DICE targets] developed by Image Science Associates.

GoldenThread evaluates seven scanner performance metrics using specially designed targets and dedicated software. This provides a thorough and objective analysis of scanner performance.

Monitor Calibration and Viewing Environment − FADGI COMPLIANT

Backstage employs only high resolution monitors designed specifically for graphic arts and photography applications. Monitors are calibrated regularly to meet specifications as defined in ISO 12646. Calibration is performed using a colorimeter and the associated software. Monitors are equipped with hoods to prevent glare and the immediate environment is controlled to maintain color neutrality and light levels appropriate for viewing.


We can scan to your custom requirements or we can make recommendations based on FADGI guidelines or a scaled down version to meet your budget requirements. Contact our office for a quote tailored to your needs contact us


We believe in keeping you up to date and in the loop so we send you updates weekly. Our project manager will send out Weekly Update Notifications via email to apprise you of the project’s status, next steps and due date.

Questions? Call us at 1-800-288-1265 or drop us a note.