Database Cleanup & Enrichment Services

So many records. So little time.

Database Services

Take thousands, perhaps a couple million catalog records. Let a few generations of your staff edit them. Pull your copy cataloging from someone else's database for a few years. Watch as cataloging practices change.

Now acquire somebody else's collection. Create a consortium with a shared catalog. Implement a federated search system. Or maybe switch ILS providers.

Is your database getting a little unruly? Wouldn't it be nice if somebody could clean it up?

At Backstage we've developed flexible systems to validate, deduplicate, consolidate, and update your data. Our database services include:

  • Deduplication & Consolidation
  • Union Database Creation
  • ILS Data Migration
  • Unicode Translation
  • Customized Processing

So tell us what you'd like to accomplish, and we'll help you make it happen. Call us at 1-800-288-1265 or drop us a note.